Anushka Sharma revealed what she does to irritate Virat Kohli


Anushka Sharma recently interacted with her fans through Instagram’s at The Ask Me A Question feature. During the session, the actress was asked many questions about her quarantine life and of course her husband Virat Kohli.

One of her fans asked her if she will take help from Virat Kohli,?
to which she hilariously replied, “Haan tight bottles kholne mein our heavy chairs uthane mein madad lungi “


Another fan asked ‘about what she does to irritate Virat’, she replied: “If I beat him in any board game and then rub it in. He hates losing in anything!”
Anushka was asked how the couple manage to make their relationship long-lasting. she replied “Faith, knowing that love is acceptance, a good relationship is a commitment, a promise to be there for better or worse because through the ups and downs it allows the individual’s space and understanding to grow into their highest human potential,”

Written by Minu Verma