Happy Birthday Lulia Vantur

Lulia Vantur
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Happy Birthday Lulia Vantur, she is celebrating her birthday today, An old interview of lulia Vantur is going viral on the occasion of birthday. In this, when she was asked if she was marrying Salman Khan, she replied that lulia Vantur said that being happy with someone is more important than getting married.

she is in the farm house in Panvel with Salman Khan now a days . Many pictures of both of them having fun together have also gone viral.

Fans have been waiting for Salman Khan’s wedding for decades. Now that his name is associated with the Romanian beauty Yulia Vantur, the fans were hoping that Salman could marry her. in and interview lulia was asked when she was getting married to Salman. she laughed and said, ‘Oh my God! This question is not ending. I think it is more important how people feel about each other. Spending time together is more important than anything else. I was asked the same question over and over again. Even my parents were asking me, ‘When are you going to get married?’

she further said, ‘Mom, what do you want me to be happy or just marry? I think it is more important to be happy with someone, spend quality time and build relationships. ‘Currently lulia is spending time at Salman’s farmhouse in Panvel.


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