Hina Khan’s cryptic message on Instagram story


Hina Khan wrote a cryptic message for someone who was cold to her for six years…
Hina wrote on her Insta-story, “Karma is a bitch? Oh, no, honey…Karma is a classy wise elder that will calmly sit you down and serve you a tea you later realize was laced with the same poison you served others for years.”

“Hmmmmm Many many years you see, 6 years, Ummm no I guess seven any guesses? hahaha, This quote reminded me of someone who was extremely cold to me for years, without any reason… I used to wonder and sometimes even breakdown about the fact that m i that bad.. And when u repeatedly make efforts to work things out and that person Doesn’t give a damn… It hurts I ain’t no God but a dialogue could have resolved everything.. Some wounds never heal.”


She added, “Koi nai, I so so believe in the cycle of karma some people live in a bubble and they feel they have never sinned or behaved terribly for years to people for no reason but i truly believe in this- As you sow, so shall u reap.”

Written by Minu Verma