Kangana Ranaut, after Karan Johar & Alia Bhatt, has now hit back at Kareena Kapoor


After Karan Johar & Alia Bhatt, Kangana Ranaut has now hit back at Kareena Kapoor for Kareen’s recent comments on the ongoing debate of nepotism in which Bebo had stated that “she could not have survived in the film industry for more than two decades based on nepotism alone.”

Kangana’s team replied to Kareen’s comment and wrote a series of tweets as “Yes Kareena ji, the audience has made you all rich and famous but they didn’t know after getting undeserving success you all will turn Bollywood in to Bullywood,
please explain
1) Why did your best friend ask Kangana to leave the industry?
2) Why Sushant was banned from big production houses?
3) Why did they call Kangana a witch and Sushant a rapist?
4) Why your ecosystem call Kangana and Sushant Bipolar?
5) Why your fellow nepo kid after promising marriage filed criminal cases on her?
6) Why Kangana and Sushant isolated in the industry and never called far any parties?
No one wishes them on their film releases birthdays or successes?”

Written by Minu Verma