Gunjan Saxena Movie Review : Inspiring Story of 1999 Kargil War

Gunjan saxena : the kargil Girl

Gunjan Saxena movie Reviews :

jahnvi kapoor starrer Gunjan saxena the kargil girl movie is getting excellent feedback from the audience. Everyone is praising jahnvi acting in the film, Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena makes history in her journey from aspiring aviator to India’s first female combat pilot in the Kargil War. but now Gunjan Saxena’s trouble has increased. A complaint has been made to the Censor Board on behalf of the Indian Air Force. The complaint states that the Air Force is depicted in a bad image in the film.

In this nearly two-hour film, Directory Sharan Sharma has shown us what he wants to show us. He brings out courage and dedication of pilot gunjan saxena . Kargil is a integral part of the story of the war film and meanwhile the pilot’s training, the helicopter story, the battle scenes, the director shows us a lot and Sharan Sharma has done all in 2 hours .

American Ariel Coordinator Mark Wolf did a great job in movie . Mark has previously done the same thing for movies like Mission Impossible and Star Wars.

Lead Cast

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Janhvi Kapoor played a lead role in the movie as a gunjan saxena.

Pankaj Tripathi image source instagram

Pankaj Tripathi plays Gunjan’s father in the film. The story of Gunjan, who belongs to the army family, is also worth seeing because there was never any discrimination in the family. Gunjan had to fly a plane since childhood and she did it. The retired father of the army kept Gunjan equal to the son. Every moment supported him. check here to know more about the cast

Directed By

Gunjan saxena movie review Sharan Sharma image source instagram

Sharan Sharma has made his film debut as a director in Gunjan Saxena- the Kargil Girl

Movie Story

The film is based on the incredible real life of former Indian Air Force pilot Gunjan Saxena. The story highlights the gender discrimination and Gunjan Saxena (Jahnavi Kapoor) struggle . Gunjan Saxena, popularly known as ‘Kargil Girl’, was awarded the Shaurya chakra Award in 1999 for showing exemplary courage during the Kargil War.

About Gunjan Saxena

Gunjan Saxena was born on 31 August 1975 in Lucknow into an Army family She joined the Indian Air Force in 1994 She is the only woman to be part of the Kargil War In 1999,

former helicopter pilot Gunjan, at the age of 24, went to become the first female combat warrior who flew with a cheetah helicopter above the war zone in Kargil. she was assigned tasks such as locating enemies’ bases, delivering food items and medical evacuation.

she is the one who broke one such misconception in the 90s. She became a pilot in the Indian Air Force. she did this when Feminism was not so dominant.

Just let you know In 2016, for the first time a female fighter pilot was commissioned in the Air Force. This did not happen before. This path was prepared by Gunjan Saxena and Srividya Ranjan.

Gunjan Saxena Watch Online

Gunjan Saxena the kargil Girl movie released on netflix on August 12, 2020 you can watch online on netflix click here to watch online


‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’ is the story of a feminist father and his courageous daughter. It waged a war against patriarchal ideology and discrimination. Deals with it in the 1999 era and shows how dangerous it is to progress.

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