Do you know Apsara Rani : Ram Gopal Varma’s New Actress

Apsara rani
Image source: RGV twitter

Director Ram Gopal Varma seems to have spotted another beautiful girl for his upcoming project. Apsara Rani will be playing the female lead for RGV’s next film tentatively titled ‘Thriller’. The maverick director has been making waves on OTT ever since theatres and multiplexes have been shut due to coronavirus.

His films ‘Climax’ and ‘Naked’ have become a rage on his independent OTT platform RGV World Theatre. Odisha-born Apsara was raised in Dehradun and presently lives in Hyderabad city. An exceptional dancer, Apsara will be making her on-screen debut in Telugu. Praising Apsara, RGV says, “Before meeting Apsara, I didn’t even hear about Odisha since the 1999 hurricane.

But after meeting her, I realised that Odisha creates all kinds of hurricanes (laughs). Our whole film unit thanks her for dropping from the sky like an angel (Apsara) into our RGVWORLDTHEATRE.. it’s been a great revelation that Odisha has such beauties ..MORE POWER TO ORISSA.”(sic)


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