Even though Chhichhore was a hit, Sushant wasn’t given credit for it- Chetan Bhagat


Chetan Bhagat said that the negative media coverage around Sushant affected him, Chetan said I am confident in director Abhishek Kapoor about it. Abhishek worked with Sushant on Kai Po Che! and Kedarnath.

Chetan said in an interview that even though Chhichhore was a hit, Sushant wasn’t given credit for it. “And poor Sushant couldn’t do anything,” Chetan said, “ he told Abhishek that it used to bother him.”
Chetan alleged that certain journalists ‘have a WhatsApp group’ where they form a consensus about matters jointly. “They all have benefactors, they all have a person who they know will give them access to the stars…” Out of the six journalists, four might write an anti-Sushant article,

Chetan said that the blind items written about Sushant were being read by everyone in the film industry. He questioned why the person behind the blind items was still being allowed to write, and why several actors continue to appear in interviews with them. “The same stars who talk about mental health all day are giving interviews to this filmy journalist,”

Chetan also said that he is finding it difficult to believe that Sushant died by suicide, as the Mumbai Police concluded in its investigation. “I think, from what I see in the Sushant case, something is amiss. That is what I can say now, after two months.”

Written by Minu Verma