Gupteshwar Pandey, DGP of Bihar questioned Mumbai Police…

sushant singh

Gupteshwar Pandey, Bihar Director General of Police questioned Mumbai Police, regarding the probe of Sushant’s suicide case that why Mumbai Police did not investigate the money trail

Gupteshwar Pandey DGP of Bihar said, “In the past four years, around Rs 50 crore was credited to the bank account of Sushant Singh Rajput but surprisingly all of it was withdrawn. In one year, Rs 17 crore was, credited to his account, out of which Rs 15 crore was withdrawn. Isn’t this a crucial point to be investigated? We are not going to sit quite. We will question Mumbai Police as to why such leads are hushed up,”

DGP of Bihar Gupteshwar Pandey said”Instead of sharing evidence or handing over the postmortem and forensic reports of Sushant, they (Mumbai Police) have almost house arrested our SP (Vinay Tiwari). I have not seen such non-cooperation by any other state police. If the Mumbai Police are sincere in their approach, they should share the investigation with us,”

Written by Minu Verma