Kangana ranaut news : Cat fight with Swara Bhaskar

kangana swara tweet fight

Kangana Ranaut is constantly in the news about her statements. Kangana has revealed the truth about Bollywood’s big personalities and her attitude towards outsiders. In a recent interview, Kangana said that she started the concept of parallel cinema in the film industry. Acting on this, actress Swara Bhaskar has responded.

1955 में ‘पाथेर पांचाली’ के साथ कंगना जी ने parallel cinema चलाया, 2013 में क्वीन फ़िल्म के साथ फ़ेमिनिज़म शुरू किया पर इस सब से पहले 1947 में उन्होंने भारत को आज़ादी दिलवायी थी। -कहत एक अज्ञात चापलूस ज़रूरतमंद आउट्साइडर, चापलूसी का फल (आम) खाते और उँगलियाँ चाटते हुए।

Kangana Ranaut has also responded while replying to this tweet. He wrote, ‘Dear Swara Bhaskar, none of you were born in the golden age of Indian cinema. It became a stinky gutter after gangsters, mafias and dons took over the industry. Feminism and Parallel Cinema ‘Queen’ started with 2014, if it did not, please tell us when it happened?


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