Maanayata dedicated a note of gratitude, To all of Sanju’s fans and well-wishers


Maanayata Dutt thanked well-wishers for showering Sanjay Dutt with a whole lot of love after he announced he has taken a break from work because of medical treatment.

Maanayata stated that “To all of Sanju’s fans and well-wishers, I can’t begin to thank you for the love and warmth you have shown him all these years.”

In her statement, Maanayata described the current scenario as a “challenge”, which the Dutts have chosen to deal with “positivity and grace.”
She wrote, “As a family, we have decided to face this with positivity and grace. We are going to go about our lives as normally as possible, with a smile, because this will be a tough fight and a long journey. And, we need to do this for Sanju, without any negativity sets in.”

She added “In these trying times, unfortunately, I have been unable to be by his side in the hospital, due to my home quarantine which ends in a couple of days. Every battle has a torchbearer and someone who holds the fort.”


Maanayata dedicated a note of gratitude to Sanjay Dutt’s sister Priya Dutt as the “torchbearer”,

She wrote, “Priya who has worked extensively over two decades with our family-run Cancer foundation, and who has also seen her mother battle this illness, has been our incredible torchbearer, while I will hold the fort.”

In her statement, Maanayata also made a plea – “stop speculating the stage of his illness.”

Written by Minu Verma