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Shakuntala Devi movie Review

Shakuntala Devi Review

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Vidya Balan is back again with the Woman centric film . Vidya Balan plays a mother and independent woman in the biopic of mathematician, astrologer and writer Shakuntala Devi. This character of Vidya is made colorful on screen by co-star Sanya Malhotra. Directed by Anu Menon . Many questions of life between the multiplication of mathematics entertain you.

Story Line

The film is based on the life of Shakuntala Devi. Shakuntala Devi, born in South India, never went to school. But Math has been doing stage shows since childhood due to being a genius. Shakuntala has to become a superwoman, since childhood. She does not want to live a normal life. For this, she goes to London.

The real twist in the story comes when Shakuntala herself becomes a mother. Then the second battle of Shakuntala’s life begins. Shakuntala is constantly crushed between independent life and family. This war Shakuntala fights till the last breath of her life. The film’s story expresses the feelings of an independent woman and her life of Shakuntala Devi.

What is Best in the movie

The special story of the film is that it does not stop at Shakuntala Devi alone. The story is not just based on mathematics. It is a story of a woman, a mother and a daughter. The story runs in two parts.

Talking of acting, the film is completely Vidya Balan’s show. It seems that you Vidya takes the character off the screen comfortably without any pressure. At the same time, Sanya has filled a lot of emotion in Anu’s character. After Dangal, badhai ho , Sanya has challenged herself a lot on the acting level this time. At the same time, Jishu Sengupta plays a lot in the role of Shakuntala Devi’s husband.

Shakuntala devi review

The art direction of Shakuntala Devi is also quite correct. You do not have the feeling of new times in old times. Whether it was 1950s London or 1999 Bangalore, it was launched on screen. Director Anu Menon has been known to take you in time. Language and localization have been taken care of completely.

What may audience will not like

Due to the biopic, the story did not have much experimentation. Because of this it does not go to that level in terms of entertainment, like Dangal, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag or other films. Overall, the film does not bore the story.

Excellent actress like Vidya Balan, best character like Shakuntala Devi. Despite this, if the film does not go to its best level, then it is the lack of a director. Anu, who has created web series like Four More Shots Please, has managed to highlight the female side. But in the case of emotions, he seems a little weak. Anu, who wrote a screen play could have improved the film’s mono logs.


Amazon Prime Video’s film ‘Shakuntala Devi’ is similar to Sanya Malhotra’s hosting in Vidya Balan’s show. There is a song at the end of the film, ‘Paas Nahin Toh, Fail Nahin’. The film fits the song perfectly.

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