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Stunning Radhika Apte in London

radhka insta

Radhika Apte has posted her stunning pics of her vacay in Greece. In her latest picture, she is chilling under the sun.

Radhika is in London since March, to be with her husband, violinist Benedict Taylor. Recently in an interview, she said, “I don’t mind when someone walks up to me and says that they like my work. I appreciate that. However, when someone just screams your name in the middle of the road and try being friendly with you, ask for pictures, or distract you when you are out jogging, that’s when I get bothered.”

radhika apte instagram
radhika apte instagram

Radhika had said, “Due to the lockdown, people have taken to watching web shows. I feel that’s how people in London started to recognize me. I already have people waiting outside to have a glimpse of me. Otherwise, I would never get mobbed or receive so much attention here.”


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Written by Minu Verma