Twitter user hit out at Kangana Ranaut

Image source: kangana ranaut twitter

Kangana Ranaut claimed that she has taken ‘private tuitions’ in human psychology, on which a Twitter user hit out at her, saying that ‘visiting a psychiatrist is not counted as private tuitions in psychology’.


Replying to the Twitter user, Kangana said that she ‘might not know everything’ but she does ‘know a lot’.

She wrote, “I did screenwriting in New York we were taught human psychology as a part of the 6 months course I extended psychology classes with my professor for another two years, I might not know everything but yes I know a lot, does that hurt ?”

Earlier also Kangana had claimed that there is ‘no valid medical proof of mental illness’,

On which a neuroscientist replied saying that she should not comment unless she can back her statements with ‘learned information or experiences’.
Another Twitter user then said that Kangana knew nothing about the workings of the brain, to which she replied, “I know about the grey matter, neurons and their interactions through electrical events n neurotransmitter, I have been a science student, have done a project on the brain where I constructed 3D model of the human brain, I have also taken private tuitions of human psychology.”

Written by Minu Verma